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3D Printing Dubai: Join The Revolution

3D printing Dubai conjures up images of super-tall skyscrapers, underwater cities, cheap and quick-to-build housing and adaptable personal drones. These are things which are all predicted to be commonplace within the next century, according to a recent report put together by a group of academics and futurologists and commissioned by Samsung. At the heart of this Dubai-based renaissance is 3D printed technology. In the future, this will be able to print not just buildings, but replicas of entire houses, including duplicates of all the furniture and contents. Imagine bringing your home with you, saved as a file to be replicated anywhere in the globe. 2015 marked the year that 3D printing transitioned from being something used in demonstration products to the mainstream.

The 3D Printing Revolution – How Printing Has Gone Beyond Paper

The architectural design and construction industries have been incubating ideas surrounding 3D design and printing for several years now. Projects designed to incubate this nascent technology are now starting to emerge. 3D printing really took off in 2015 and 3D printing in Dubai and 3D printing UAE has seen the country looking to build the world’s first 3D printed office building. Prior to this, several projects had taken place in a piecemeal fashion or in traditional buildings. These leveraged 3D printing techniques to increase construction efficiency, decrease the costs and lessen the environmental impact of construction projects. Whilst we are becoming accustomed to applying 3D printed technologies and techniques in other areas of our lives, 3D construction is still a relatively new application for its usage. Architects make use of 3D technology to quickly and accurately print models of their designs straight from CAD files. This allows investors and consumers see highly detailed models of finished buildings. 3D printed buildings themselves can be constructed quickly and cheaply using recycled materials. They are built using a combination of reinforced concrete, glass fibre-reinforced gypsum and fibre-reinforced plastic. The external construction is printed in thin layers via large, moving industrial printers. Other, plastic, printers can be used to create furniture to populate the building. Applications such as architecture give us an insight into the sheer depth and range end-to-end applications of 3D printing Dubai technologies. For the first time, we begin to see how they are being used to reshape not just Dubai, but the whole world around us.

3D Printing Services – How Dubai Is Leading The Way

Dubai is positioned as a leading global centre within the world of 3D printing and construction. It is, in fact, a hub for 3D printing services. Within Dubai, you can 3D print virtually anything which you can either envision or visualise. The variety and application of 3D printed services in Dubai include areas as diverse, for instance, as architecture, education, interior design and construction, jewellery, events (such as weddings) and printing models for wider manufacturing. It’s estimated that 3D printing has the potential to revolutionise all of these fields by reducing labour and construction costs by as much as 50-80%. For example, jewellers can drastically reduce the time and labour spent on the manufacturing process, allowing them to dedicate more resources to designing the jewellery itself. Designs themselves can be much more intricate, making use of cuts, thicknesses and shapes that were impossible just a few years ago. Techniques such as 3D gold printing are used today by jewellers across Dubai and the Middle East to cater for special one-off designs as well as general consumer goods. These can now be brought to market at the fraction of previous costs. 3D technologies have allowed jewellers to create much thinner designs, while still maintaining rigidity. This cuts down on materials used, lowering production costs which can be passed on to the consumer. 3D model printing service providers such as 3D Vinci Creations (http://www.3dvincicreations.com/) can now use a range of materials, giving them the ability to produce jewellery with intricate geometric patterns, detailed filigree and precision-smooth patterns.

3DVinci Creations: Leaders In 3D Printing Dubai

As noted, Dubai is now fast becoming a key global centre for, and player in, the development of 3D printing technologies. The inception, incubation, development and now application of 3D printing Dubai is ensuring that the country is becoming a leading player for fields as diverse as the construction of buildings and even human organ printing. 3DVinci Creations (http://www.3dvincicreations.com/) is a 3D printing services company based in Dubai which can help you design and then bring to life anything you can envision. Our services are used by a diverse range of clients, from architects to product designers to consumers. Find out what we can do for you by emailing us at info@3dvincicreations.com, or call customer services via +971 04 5521260. If your design is ready to print, upload your 3D model via our homepage.

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