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3D Printing UAE And The Development Of Printing Technologies

3D printing UAE is taking off in a big way. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has, over the past few years, been quietly positioning itself as a leading centre for the development and implementation of 3D printing technologies. Whilst individual emirates such as Dubai have been ploughing ahead with applications for 3D printing in office and building construction for a while now, 3D printing in the region is also opening up a variety of other fascinating routes. Two important yet diverse fields of research and development in 3D printing are internal medicine and archaeological preservation. 3D printing technology today is both helping to create organs and to preserve ancient monuments and structures.

Current And Future Applications Of 3D Printing

Today, 3D printing Dubai technology is one of the fastest growing fields for new companies, products and applications coming to market each year. Two of the next big leaps in the development and application of a custom 3D printing service will be in biological printing of three dimensional, functional, organs and the preservation of monuments. Bio 3D printers, in use in the UAE today, can print at a scale never before seen - operating at dimensions of less than 1/80th the diameter of a human hair. These advancements were discussed at the February UAE government summit. In a presentation entitled ‘What Comes After 3D Printing Body Parts’, Dr Anthony Atala (Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine) discussed his institute’s progress in using 3D printing technologies to create human organs. Such organs have already been successfully implanted, with patients still healthy 10 years later. The second area where 3D printing Middle East is taking the lead is in utilising the technology to preserve and recreate ancient sites, monuments and structures. Whilst parts of the Middle East are slowly losing their archaeological history, the UAE is using 3D imaging and ultimately printing techniques to preserve theirs. The Dubai Museum of Future Foundation, in collaboration with UNESCO, are combating the potential eradication of history using 3D imaging to map monuments for future generations. This is a process that ensures that key heritage sites can be conserved for posterity, as a source of inspiration for future generations, and it’s all thanks to important leaps in 3D print technology.

Stay Ahead Of The Game With Top 3D Printing Companies

Today, the technology behind 3D printing UAE is coming to maturity and to the wider market. Whilst 3D technology has been applied in research and development and design applications for many years, now it is front and centre. The technology offered by 3D printers allows users to turn any digital file into a 3D, physical product. From individuals and hobbyists at home to educators and businesses, the applications of 3D print technology are only limited by our imaginations. Today, there is even a 3D printer circling the earth on board the International Space Station. It is growing in importance, as the technology allows us all to become not just passive consumers, but also designers and creators. Put simply, it is the largest single innovation in manufacturing since the printing press 500 years ago. If you are a gadget lover or someone who loves to learn how things work, 3D printers open up a new dimension of creativity and exploration. Top 3D printing companies are also pushing to get their technology into the classroom. The UK government has trialled 3D printers in STEM and design subjects, enriching learning and encouraging a greater range of creativity in students. For educators, this offers a practical way to teach and demonstrate complex mathematical and scientific ideas. With the advent of increasingly cheap 3D printing service companies, the field is rapidly changing. However, keeping abreast of all these new developments can be tricky. That’s why 3DVinci Creations has opted to provide a range of services, designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry developments.

Affordable And Top Quality 3D Printing UAE Services With 3DVinci Creations

Not only is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) using 3D printing and modelling technologies to revolutionise healthcare and the preservation of the past, there are also a great many other applications being taken forward in a huge variety of ways. At 3DVinci Creations (http://www.3dvincicreations.com/), we are playing our part by providing a full 3D printing UAE service base in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai. We can help you bring to life your 3D designs in jewellery, architecture, modelling or as an educational resource. To find out what we can do for you, contact us via email to info@3dvincicreations.com; use our on-page contact form, or call us on +971 04 5521260.

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