3D Printing for Schools

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Teachers can show their students the wonder of sciences, history and nature instead of merely reading it all from books. Think how history would become interesting if students could get their hands on 3D printed Egyptian mummies, or guns used in the World War II.


Imagine an ordinary biology classroom showing students a replica of a heart while explaining to them the pumping mechanism. We can create lifelike 3D models of bones, digestive system and a lot more of what’s taught in the biology class.



3D printing energizes the limits of creativity, and exposes a new learning experience when student get to visualize the real shape and feel the object. Such visual aids make it easier for them to assimilate the knowledge.


Visualizing mathematical objects in 3D will give math students a creative learning space where they will be able to solve the challenges presented to them to the best of their own imaginative abilities.


Studying topography would become so much more interesting in Geography classes when they’d see 3D versions of landscapes in front of themselves.


Chemistry students will be able to better study and understand chemical synthesis and analysis using 3D models.





We can rearrange taster sessions so you and your students can see what it is like to work with advanced 3D Design tools.

We can provide activity ready laptops and 3D printers, and show how straight forward they are to set up and run for BCA courses.


3d printing for schools



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