3D Printing for Students

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Get students more engaged and they will take pride in making things for themselves.


Tomorrow’s creators and problem solvers need all the tools they can get to truly explore their potential.

3D Printing gives wings to their imagination and ideas. It lets them test their ideas to the limit, and see that their thoughts can really be brought to life.

It challenges them to get creative and try newer, better, smarter solutions without driving their parents or teachers completely crazy…. or worse, broke!





3D Printing After School Program


The 3D Printing Training Program at GEMS Wellington International School is a dedicated 9 weeks hands-on and interactive training that give students a general introduction to 3D printing principles using 3D printers.

Students will learn the essentials of 3D work flows from 3D computer aided design to 3D printing and 3D scanning. It enable them to gain relevant up-to-date industry skills and, upon their successful completion, the potential to apply for an accredited UK Award Certificate in Additive Manufacturing.




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