3D Printing for Universities

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Mechanical Engineering students could practice, practice and then practice some more by printing out all the prototypes it took for them to excel at their craft. They can use 3D printing machines to create spare parts at the touch of a button and test their machines extensively.


Imagine Architecture students being able to print out their designs in 3D and carry out real-life feasibility studies on their building ideas.



Tomorrow’s engineers, architects, artists and problem solvers deserve every tool available to build a brilliant future. Thanks to an unending supply of prototypes and spare parts made with 3D printing, students can experiment with all they want.


Biology students will be able to really see the workings of cells, viruses and other biological functions in 3D enhancing their understanding of these artifacts.


Culinary skills of cooking students would expand to new heights if they were able to 3D print creative molds and explore edible colors and foods like never before.

Art & Crafts

Art students would absolutely love to be able to print out their artwork in 3D and really understand the potential of their skills.





We can rearrange taster sessions so you and your students can see what it is like to work with advanced 3D Design tools.

We can provide activity ready laptops and 3D printers, and show how straight forward they are to set up and run for BCA courses.


3d printing for universities



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