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Yes you can. Once you have sent us your 3D model, and chosen the right material for it, we’ll display all the colors available for that material. We also have paint professionals who can help you by painting your 3D product in any color you wish for. 

Rhino, Blender and ZBrush are only some of the software packages that facilitate 3D modeling for beginners and experts alike. AutoDesk and Tinkercad are the free options that you use to build your expertise at 3D modeling.

There is no such thing as the ultimate 3D printing material. It really depends on your 3D printed product, its usage and the desired look. We’ll discuss with you the color and the finish required of the product to create something that aligns with your expectations. 

We know how much time, energy and creativity goes into crating 3D models. That’s why we guarantee complete security and confidentiality of all your 3D models sent to us. We won’t publish your design or render it without your permission ever. Any models that you upload via our website, or email to us, are never made available for download.

Yes you can. The unit price varies for each of our products depending on the complexity and copies required. We can handle huge volumes and really large orders quite easily. Contact us for offline pricing.

Please refer to our Terms of use regarding our Warranty, Refunds and Repairs Policy.

If you can imagine it, we can print it! However, we will not be able to take on any printing tasks that conflict with our values. For example, we can’t 3D print products or parts for weapons industry or other models that can raise ethical concerns.

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. You will have the option to choose either during checkout.


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