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Top 3D Printing Companies Can Help Take Your Events To A New Level


Top 3D printing companies can really help take your event planning to a whole new level. Creativity is something that is cherished by all event planners, because it makes their events stand out and get talked about. But often you'll find yourself limited by conventions. What can you do to make an event unique? What will make your potential clients happy enough to pick you to work on future events over the competition?

The answer is 3D printing. This continually improving, cost-effective form of production is slowly but surely revolutionising not just events – but the entire world. Event planners utilise new technologies all the time – mobile internet allows you to organise on the go and cloud storage allows you to see your files on the go too. So why not integrate 3D printers into your work too? For example, with weddings, you can 3D print objects that are tailored to your customers' wants for their big day. Imagine being able to create products that represent major milestones in their lives and their relationship together. Or, with corporate events, imagine being able to create customised props to specification – your spec and your client's spec – without worrying about expensive manufacturers getting it wrong. When it comes to 3D printing, you are engaged in the design process from start-to-finish. You can also choose your materials, colours and scale – all at a fantastic price. But, hold on – what's the availability of 3D printing UAE or GCC wise? Do you have to buy your own expensive 3D printer and all the materials and so on to go with it?

Thankfully, you don't – because you've got the Dubai-based 3DVinci Creations at your fingertips. We are one of the top 3D printing companies in the Middle East. We offer all sorts of services and specifically understand the needs of event and corporate planners. For more information, visit or email us via



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